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A Yarn and a Pattern to share –

I would like to say a few words about “Unplanned Peacock” yarns. I had the pleasure of meeting Natasha Laity Snyder/owner at the Alpaca Craft Fair last month in New Holland, PA. She is an indie dyer and I could not leave without purchasing one of her lovelies! The yarn I held was soft and squishy and was really very pretty. When I left the craft show I had this skein in hand.  A grape colorway was my choice in the Twinkle Twist.  The sparkle is beautiful!  It will be knit into a hat for daughter C. after things calm down and back to normal from the hustle of the holidays. I can’t wait to cast on!

Unplanned Peacock dyed grape colorway in the Twinkle Twist

Unplanned Peacock dyed grape colorway in the Twinkle Twist

The pattern picked out for this yarn is a design created by Megan Williams of Stockinette Zombies.  She has the Stockinette Zombies’ podcast on Ravelry with co-podcaster Amy.  This hat design is so unique and the buttons just make this hat too adoreable!

For Good Hat Pattern - Megan Williams

For Good Hat Pattern – Megan Williams

This pattern was unveiled last November 2012 and the first design in memory of her sister Melissa.  When you purchase the pattern the price is a donation  which goes to the National Woman’s Health Network. This pattern is called For Good Hat.

The hat pictured below is newly released November 2013 and the second design again in memory of Megan’s sister Melissa which also is a lovely patterned hat and cowl Measure in Love!  This also will be a donation to the National Woman’s Heath Network.  (link above)

Measure In Love - Megan Williams

Measure In Love – Megan Williams

Measure In Love - cowl

Measure In Love – cowl

So, in preparation to knit this special pattern I went to the Unplanned Peacock website to check out the colors currently available on her blog.  An announcement on their blog is that they are currently working on new colors to be released January 2014!    2014 Spring Preview I can’t wait to see the colors when they become available. Natasha has done her research!

I want to share a dear winter scene with all of you  before I close this blog post!  I stopped in to see my mother before she went off to sister’s for Christmas and where she lives there is  beautiful winter village set up every year that is on display.   Here is the photo I took to share with all of you since we just celebrated the Winter Solstice I thought you might enjoy seeing it.   Happy Holidays!   Enjoy!

a winter scene




I have a yarn to tell –

Like all knitters I get e-mails from different sources to feed my knitting addiction! Then, of course, one click leads to another and another. Even though I have been knitting for 40+ years it still amazes me that I am never bored as there is new designers, books or podcasts to enjoy. There is so much to explore and learn with this art! Don’t tell anyone please but I am very addicted to podcasts! I will take the risk of sharing these wonderful venues off and on while I blog.

This past Sunday was the SAFONA’s 6th Annual Fiber Arts Festival, New Holland, PA., Lancaster County in Amish area of Pennsylvania. SAFONA stands for “Small Alpaca Farms of The Northeast Association”. This being their 6th year for this affair it was actually my first. I should have taken pictures as there were several who were spinning and it was fun to see! I arrived home and was sad I had no pictures to share of roving being spun into yarn! They were so informative and had a lot to share with me about their art! I did post a picture of some cute alpacas for those of you who are not familiar with them.


And, I had lunch there too as I could not resist the infamous chicken corn soup!

It was so windy and terribly cold so the hot soup really was warmth right to the soul!

I did make a purchase of very pretty fingering weight hand dyed yarn in grape colorway and I want to knit with it first before I review this yarn and share the studio which is only fair! It’s intended use is a knit slouchy hat for daughter.

Stay safe and have the very best Thanksgiving Holiday !