“Journey” Book review by Single Handed Knits –

I was pleasantly surprised last night when I watched Mel’s video podcast Single Handed Knits. Mel has recently moved from beautiful Hawaii to the shores of North Carolina and is a favorite designer that I follow! If you are a knitter and familiar with Ravelry – I hope you would already have had the pleasure of seeing her designs. They have a very modern and fresh flair to them that I love! I invite you to hop over and check out her group on Ravelry. And, while there, take a peek at her designs!

If you have a minute please go over and enjoy Mel’s podcast. There is currently a knit-a-long in progress for her design Halele’a the sweater designed when at home on Kauai, Hawaii. The yarn for this knit-a-long is being dyed by Stacie who has the video podcast Must Stash with Stephanie.  Stacie’s eye for color is superb and her colors for this kit are amazing!  I am sure you will find a pretty color to your liking!

The beautiful cardigan sweater design by Mel of Second Hand Knits.

Halele’a – Single Handed Knits Design

Now that I have expounded on how beautiful Mel’s designs are you must go and see for yourself!

Her most recent podcast is an interview with the two designers of the book “Journey” via Skype –  Shannon Cook and Jane Richmond based in British Columbia, Canada.  An interesting interview was shared of the stunning photographs done in the book by the brother of Jane Richmond.  I can’t wait to get my copy of this beautiful book!   I have many of the designs already in my queue on Ravelry!  I would like to share more of the awesome pictures but Mel has done such a beautiful job in her podcast interview that I would not do it any justice myself.  The “partners in design” have a terrific book on their hands!   Here is the cover showcasing the beautiful shawl design by Shannon Cook.

Onward design by Shannon Cook

“Journey” (cover) –
Jane Richmond & Shannon Cook

For those of you who want a peek into this “Journey” of Shannon and Jane’s new book below is a photo collage of the designs that are featured!  I want a copy of this knitting book for sure!

It is still snowing in Pennsylvania and it is so beautiful! Now, I am off to get a treat of hot coffee! Enjoy looking at these beautiful designs!


Designs featured in “Journey”



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