Better Late Than Never –

My son’s birthday was coming up fast.  March 8th to be exact.  He had been waiting a full year for his socks to be knit.   Time moves along at a fast pace and being tied up last March I never got them done.  So, I was determined to get his socks done this year.  I must add that he is 23 yrs old now and quite a patient fellow.  I worked diligently to get this finished so I could hand them to him this year.

I am thrilled that they turned out beautiful.  The yarn that I used is the Zitron XXL and I really liked the colorway.   He did pick this out himself.   My other son has picked out a Zitron XXL yarn as well and since his birthday is in August I will be working to get these done too.

I have made many pairs of socks these past few years and I have devised my own sock pattern at this point.  The striping is awful busy so I put a solid color toe on the sock and it really completes it.  At least I think so.  Sock knitting can be so addictive!

Some of my fav yarns for socks are:  (Not in any particular order)

Dream In Color Smooshy – Zitron XXL –  Knit Picks Felici

Above is a picture of my son’s legs sporting his new socks and he did have a Happy Birthday!




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